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Travel Program


Legends Baseball is recognized nationally as one of the top Travel Programs in the country.  We believe a big part of our success is due to our unique training philosophy. Since learning happens in a variety of different ways – in the game, during practice, and through specialized programs, we take a multi-faceted approach to training to develop the “complete athlete”.  For the 2014 Season we will offer a 10U, 2 11U, 12U, 13U, 2 14U, 15U & 18U Travel Teams.

In the Game:

It has been proven that the only way for players to enhance their skills is to play other competitive teams and players. All of our Legends teams are part of the EBL League, the most competitive baseball league in New England. Players are playing against the best of the best to increase their overall exposure to other talented players.

During Practice:

Legends Program Director, Mike Costantino maps out each practice weeks in advance with the combined efforts of former Padres player, Rusty Tucker (Pitching Coordinator) and the rest of the Legends staff.

Specialized Programs:

One of the major differences between our Program and the competition is the Specialized Programs that are built into each teams practice regimen. These unique programs are designed by Dave and Mike Costantino to enhance and fine tune players techniques in all areas of the game. Classes are available five days a week with each day covering a different topic. This is convenient for parents and players to pick and choose the day, time and topic that are best suited for their individual needs. These unique skill building programs have proven to increase players skills in years past. Players can register a week in advance for classes online.

What sets us apart from the Competition:

Hand-picked Coaching staff:

Our professional coaches and instructors utilize a proven curriculum designed specifically by Legends Baseball. We invest a great deal of resources into our full time staff and coaches to ensure players receive the best overall instruction. All of our trainers undergo an intense training regimen so that the Legends training philosophy is conveyed to each player consistently. Legends Baseball has been and always will be committed to non-parent professional coaching for each of our teams. We believe that players learn and play better when parents play the role as the supportive parent instead of the coach.

At Legends Baseball we recognize that each of our players have individual skills, goals and learning abilities. If you want the best for yourself or your child, you deserve the best possible coaching and training program to meet your individual goals!

Customer Service:

We are dedicated to providing excellent communication to our players and parents throughout the entire season. Legends Baseball puts a great deal of time and resources into our staff to ensure parents and players are updated with practice and game information daily. Parents and players have access to our full time staff 7 days a week for questions or concerns.

No Players are overlooked:

At Legends Baseball, we take great pride in the fact that we track all players playing time and positions. Legends Coaches are required to submit on field tracking sheets to management on a weekly basis. This tracking method provides managers and coaches with a percentage of each players playing time on the field compared to other team members. In addition to tracking sheets, our managers are also part of team practices and periodically attend games. This allows our staff to get to know players individually as well as see them in action.


As a program we keep track of all pitching and hitting stats. This feature is not only fun for players to keep track of how they are doing in our program but also provides management with another resource to keep track of offensive at bats.


Starting at the beginning of each season, Legends sends out a weekly newsletter highlighting game scores, players of the week, team of week and news updates. This newsletter is fun for players to read and keeps parents updated on upcoming events.

Training facility:

The Legends home training facility is a private facility run strictly for Legends members. In addition to our facility in Middleton Legends practices at the Topsfield arena. This 30,000 sq. ft. arena allows us to work on defense and game situations during the winter months.

Fun Atmosphere:

Legends Baseball strives to create a fun atmosphere for all players and parents. We feel that a well bonded team almost always does better on the field if they are also close off the field. We set up three events throughout the year.

The first event is our up all night wilffle ball tournament held in February. The purpose of this event is to fundraise for our national trips while enjoying some friendly competition with the players and parents of our program.

The second event is our pre-season kick-off party, a fun gathering of families and players where coaches announce their team and what is expected for the upcoming season.

Our last event is our end of the year banquet in August for players and their families. Coaches sum up the season with the game highlights and give awards to 5 of their teams players.

National Tournament:

Our 11U-14U teams are all entered into the Ripken Experience, located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. This week long trip is not only a fun experience, but allows players to play other talented programs throughout the country.